MSI’s releases unique calendar to know research and researchers in Microbiology

By Editor 5min January 21, 2022

Since its inception in 1996 MSI has been active in generating awareness about infections, life and behavior of microbes, preventive measures etc. Society has played a major role in informing people about Coronavirus, its impact and preventive measures. Dr Arvind Deshmukh, President of the Society is airing video messages, which are available on Youtube. In an effort to generate awareness and develop scientific temper, the Microbiologists Association of India (MSI) has prepared a calendar for the year 2022. The calendar is unique as it has information about renowned microbiologists and scientists.

The calendar conceptualized by Dr Sanjeev Patankar (Maharashtra); Dr A Archana (New Delhi) and Dr Shanmugam (Tamil nadu) and prepared by the Department of Microbiology, HVHO Institute of Post-graduate Studies and Research, Kadi, Gujarat.

Dr Patankar played a lead role in designing the basic frame. Dr Patankar stated that the attempt was not only to prepare a calendar but also to involve the teachers, students and scientists in the field. Competition for designing the calendar was organized at the national level. The basic format and other rules relating to design were first formulated. About 25 persons participated in the competition from across India. The page of every month provides information about selected scientists, whose date of birth fall on the particular month and a brief note on the scientists’ research work.

MSI also provides information about career prospects for microbiologists in different specialized fields including Water Quality Laboratory as a technician; Clinical Research Scientist; Food technology; Medical Technologist; Cosmetic Microbiologist; Diagnostic Microbiologist, Agriculture Microbiologist etc.

Dr Patankar said that the calendar also provides information about agencies promoting research in Microbiology and related fields.

About 1,500 calendar copies were printed and sent to important institutions across India. MSI expects schools and colleges to display the calendar to provide information to the students and motivate them to pursue careers in Microbiology.

The calendar is also available in pdf form. Those interested may contact Dr Patankar (9890201620) or Dr Deshmukh (9822079782). The pdf file can be printed and used in educational institutions.

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