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The article solely belongs to the Author and it is their duty to fulfil all the requirements entreated by IJACBS. Article publication is totally an authentic process and must be dealt with all seriousness and rightfully. The author must go through the Submission guidelines, FAQ and journals policy before submitting the article. Provided below are Author’s guidelines and responsibility for better work flow. The submitted research articles are assessed by our renowned Reviewer and Editorial board members. The author can check the status of their article by visiting our Manuscript status page anytime. Our journal sets quality standards for the acceptance of appropriate and most effective research articles. It expects from authors that they will check their compositions for written falsification test and determine they are submitting just extraordinary content for publication.

Author’s guidelines:

  • Authors must ensure that the piece of knowledge submitted for publication is an original work.
  • While submitting the article, the author must write the details of correspondent author as first author or the communicating author as first author.
  • The work must have not been published anywhere earlier and even is not considered for publication anywhere else.
  • The Author must mention the names of all genuine authors and co-authors of the article.
  • The authorship must be limited to the significant contributors of the work.
  • While writing the articles, appropriate citations, references and publications should be done. Follow the journal’s Submission guidelines properly.
  • The discussion underlying the data should accurately match with the title of paper.
  • The acknowledgement must mention the list of contributors.
  • The institutes and agencies supporting the study or any individual participated in the research project must be acknowledged.
  • The article must mention all the sources used during the course of study.
  • Information received during training tenure, confidential services or by third party discussion must be used with permission.
  • It is advisable to use data of somebody else’s research only after getting a written permission from the source.
  • All authors must disclose the financial or other substantive conflict of interest in their manuscript.

Responsibility of Authors:

  • Articles must showcase novelty in thoughts and content of the work presented.
  • As IJACBS follows strict plagiarism rule. Therefore no copy and paste tactic are advice.
  • If any faslification found in the submitted article, it will be subjected to rejection and even will be blacklisted.
  • Every author must fulfil the policy requirements to avoid malpractices and breach of ethical standards of publication.
  • Authors should accept and correct the mistakes suggested by the panel of reviewers.
  • Resubmission of revised article must be done via mail and on precise time provided by us.
  • Authors should bring in knowledge of editor, the corrections or error if have identified after article publication.
  • IJACBS strictly prohibit any deceptive, unethical practice or knowingly infringing of the standards.

Ethical Guidelines:

  • Author must mention the use of any hazardous or toxic chemicals, procedures or equipment used in study.
  • The author must mention the use of animal or human subjects during the project.
  • The author must submit the appropriate committee(s) approval letter for use of animal or human subjects.
  • All the procedures during the work must follow the institutional guidelines and laws. The author must provide the statement regarding the same.
  • Authors should include a statement of consent obtained for experimentation with human subjects.