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Volume 2   Issue 4

Mini Review

Microarrays: Rise of Novel Technology

Article Identifier: https://identifier.visnav.in/1.0001/ijacbs-21f-08004/

Microarrays are used for solitary analysis to research the manifestation of thousands of attributes. It is one of the most recent advances which is used for biological research. It provides assistance in treatment of antibodies, detection of chronic diseases, pharmacological approach, mechanism detection etc. Microarray analyses large amount of samples at a time by saving the time, resources and providing best efficacy. The samples used during the analysis can be previously recorded or newly identified or unidentified. The output of a microarray attempt is termed as a “quality joint profile.” In recent times the microarray’s usage has increased in multiple biological sectors and providing best records. Its presence in dentistry is limited, but may be increased in near future. As innovation becomes increasingly affordable, a microarray test reveals uses in several scientific domains. The study discusses about the various techniques, hypothesis and applications of microarray.

Keywords: mRNA cDNA cancer genes microarray