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Volume 3   Issue 3

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Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Student-Teacher Mommies

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This study focused on the challenges and coping mechanisms of Student-Teacher Mommies (S-TM) who were enrolled at the Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology, College of Education. The goal of this research study is to explore the student-teacher mommies experiences on how it is both a student and a mother at the same time. Data were analyzed using the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in which the researchers have captured the challenges as well as the coping mechanisms of student-teacher mommies in managing their multiple roles. The researchers explored the life story, experiences and the reflections of student- teacher mommies Since face-to-face interview is not possible in this time of pandemic, the information needed from the respondents were gathered through interviews via Zoom Meetings. The researchers were guided by semi-structured questions that the professionals relevant to the field of study validated. As to challenges as regards childcare, student- teacher mommies found it challenging to combine their responsibilities to their families and their academic pursuits. They needed to do multi-tasking and take extra efforts so as to lessen the guilt of not doing their reproductive roles. Prayers, time management and positive mind setting serve as their coping mechanisms. As to financial challenges, allotting budget for babysitter since the father is not that financially capable in providing the needs for the family, budget for school materials, home rentals and the increasing transportation expenses are found to be quite challenging as revealed by the student – teacher mommies. To cope up with these financial constraints, support systems from family, friends, schools, and community help student mommies to surpass this burden. More so, vending also helps them to augment their income. As to academic challenges, student -teacher mommies revealed their difficulty in attending class when their children are sick. They found it hard catching and reviewing lessons for the examinations as well as completing their homework/ assignment. Hence, intrinsic motivations drive the student mommies to continue with their professional growth. A proposed Project ES-TM (Empowered Student-Teacher Mommies) was drawn from the findings of this study.

Keywords: student -teacher mommies, challenges, coping mechanisms